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27 Local Restaurants in 10 Mile Radius
April 4, 2018

27 Local Restaurants in 10 Mile Radius

27 Local Restaurants in 10 Mile Radius

San Antonio, Texas is a growing foodie metropolitan. Google “San Antonio food scene” and dozens of articles from the past three years will say something along the lines of how the city has grown to compete with the flavors of Houston, Dallas and Austin.

Residents at Texas A&M University-San Antonio are limited to food options on campus, despite the city’s variety of cuisines. University administration responded to complaints by bringing in a wave of local food trucks.

Many students like — even prefer — eating off campus. Information Technology major Ethan Gutierrez, Psychology major Omair Mulla and Business major Ruben Monzon, all first-year students, unanimously said Whataburger was their top destination.

They said it’s convenient to visit fast-food locations because they know what to expect, but Monzon has different reasons for not exploring local options.

“Probably just because I don’t know about them, I’m not from here,” he said. “I’m from Charleston, South Carolina.”

First-year mathematics major Payton Carroll said she likes visiting Monster Burger, but finding neighborhood eateries was not initially easy.

“I’m from Fredericksburg and I’m not familiar with this area,” she said. “I don’t know where any of [the local restaurants] are.”

This is a common theme among first-year students living in the dorms. Four out of seven freshmen interviewed for this article said they don’t usually explore non-chain options because they do not know what is available.

Listed above are 27 restaurants within a 10-mile radius of campus. The record was composed of the top searches on Yelp and Google, ranking form the highest number of reviews and ratings. It does not include fast food restaurants.

There are six cuisines of food presented: Mexican, Asian, American, Middle Eastern, Italian and seafood.

While San Antonio has a unique dining experience, many restaurants fall into the Tex-Mex category. To keep this article short and not overwhelm the reader with one category, the list is condensed to 10 Mexican restaurants.

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