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A&M San Antonio Librarians Donate Books to Esperanza Hall
February 28, 2018

A&M San Antonio Librarians Donate Books to Esperanza Hall

A&M San Antonio Librarians Donate Books to Esperanza Hall

A collection of books at the Presidio Gallery. Photo courtesy of TAMUSA Flickr.

In December 2017, librarians from Texas A&M University-San Antonio donated a collection of books from their personal libraries to students living on campus in Esperanza Hall. The donation was meant to give the students a source of entertainment who were staying on campus over the winter break.

Librarians also wanted to help students, who are in the process of creating a home off campus, build a collection of books for their own use. The librarians say they are making it a point to share the importance of reading and giving back to the community by giving the students of Esperanza Hall some new reading material.

Most of all, said the library staff, they wanted students who were unable to go home during the winter break as well as those who are required to live on campus, secure easy access to free books. They know being stuck on campus can sometimes be lonely, but if students are able to read it can create new ways of accessing critical thinking.

Sarah Timm, public service manager of the university library said winter break “would be a good time to give them the books.”

Staff talked of wanting to donate in a meaningful way. They decided to donate the books to Esperanza Hall with “the idea being, students could borrow them as they felt like it,” Timm said.

Staff librarian Bryant Moore said the collection includes sci-fi novels, mainly leisure books, and even some history novels.

Some students living in the residence said they haven’t seen the books and weren’t aware of the donation, but welcomed it.

“The students of Esperanza Hall would definitely benefit from a selection of literature,” said Erin Lester, first year student at Texas A&M San Antonio. Lester agreed that they would love to see some books in the residence hall.

“I love reading,” Lester said, “but I haven’t seen any books in Esperanza.” Unfortunately, a lot of the students have not seen the books and the librarians have not seen the books since they were donated as well. Which probably means they are now cozily sitting in students’ rooms.

“The students seemed excited,” Timm said. This act of kindness is a step towards making the students living in Esperanza Hall more comfortable living on campus.

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