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Catholic students reflect on art
April 11, 2019

Catholic students reflect on art

Catholic students reflect on art

Blanca Mora, Catholic Student Association president hands out religious art for members to analyze on April 1, 2019 in the Science and Technology Building. The topic for the weekly meeting was God and art. Photo by Jose de la Rosa.

People sometimes overlook the beauty of art and how it can strengthen their spirituality, said Blanca Mora, president of the Catholic Student Association, during the CSA’s meeting April 1 in Room 169B of the Science and Technology Building.

“Art helps us visualize God,” said Mora, CSA founder and EC-6 bilingual generalist major. “That’s how we, humans, express our feelings, which is why it’s one of the ways that God expresses his love for us.”

A group of 12 CSA members gathered for their weekly meeting to talk about future club events and the topic of the day: the beauty of God through art.

Mora invited women in attendance to participate in the club’s women’s fellowship at 4 p.m. April 13 at 2715 Marlborough Drive.

“Unlike other years where the theme is spring, we’re doing something different,” Mora said. “The theme for the women’s fellowship will be stars. I hope you all can join us in an evening of prayer, reflection and bonding.”

Not everything is prayer and reflection, Mora said. Encounter Night will take place at 7 p.m. April 16 in Room 242 of the Science and Technology Building.

“Encounter Night is a time to play games, have dinner and have a discussion about life,” Mora said. “We still don’t have a specific topic for our discussion, but our last one was about how to be more authentic in today’s society.”

Mora passed out photos of Mary, Jesus and other Catholic figures and asked them to say how the art made them feel.

“I’ll admit. When I saw this photo, I laughed,” said Marisol Salas-Rios, communication freshman and English minor. “Jesus reminds me of me. He looks so tired. That’s the message I get from this. Even when you’re tired, you just have to keep going.”

Leslie Esquivel, CSA’s vice-president and psychology major, said the photo of Jesus gave her the chills.

“It brought me some peace knowing that I’m never going to be alone,” Esquivel said. “I saw Jesus looking right back at me.”

Mora said the photo of the Virgin Mary represented women’s strength in a time of uncertainty.

“I’m about to graduate,” Mora said. “My time with CSA is coming to an end soon so I want to find new ways to serve God. I know he’ll protect me in this time.”

Mora said the activity can help people better appreciate art and use it as a tool to get closer to God.

Any student of any faith can join CSA through JagSync, said Ariana G. Agundiz, the club’s outreach coordinator.

“The club is open to everyone,” said Victoria Lozano, criminal justice sophomore. “It’s for anyone who’s willing to seek a relationship with God and is willing to put in the effort to strengthen that relationship.”

The next CSA meeting will take place at 12:30 p.m. April 15 in Room 169B of the Science and Technology Building, followed by a Bible study session at 2 p.m. in Room 166B.

CSA canceled the last holy Mass of the spring semester, scheduled for noon April 10 in Patriots’ Casa, because the priest was not available, Mora wrote in an email April 8.


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