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Welcome to our digital-news lab. Our Fall 17 Mesquite staff is ready to report on news that matters to the campus community and South Side of San Antonio. We welcome our largest Media Fellowship Program and news staff  since The Mesquite’s launch in 2011.  

Media Fellows and Editors:

  • Kimberly Rivera

    (o) 210.784.1050
    (c) 210.701.9687

  • Jerry Quijano

    Managing Editor
    (o) 210.784.1050
    (c) 210.241.5438

  • Ami Sarabia

    Visual Editor
    (o) 210.784.1050
    (c) 210.551.1712

  • James Miller

    Opinions Editor
    (o) 210.784.1050

  • VACANT (Interested in applying? Contact our Editor, Kimberly Rivera, (c) 210.701.9687)

    Multimedia Editor

  • Alexandro Luna

    Assistant Editor
    (o) 210.784.1050


Staff Reporters
Comm 3301, taught by Prof. Jenny Moore, Director of Student Media 

Carlos Aguilar
Antonio Calderon
Marcellius Caviness
Brittany Denayer
Ramon Fernandez
John French
Christopher Gutierrez
Peter Maciel
David Mandujano
Victoria Martinez
Jamie Mata
Wyatt Matson
Samuel Mcdaniel
Rene Orozco
Selena Ortegon
Aaron Perez
Matthew Renfrow
Victor Roberson
Seth Ruiz
Liliana Maciel Teran

Staff Photographers
COMJ 3308, taught by Prof. Donna Pazdera, Lecturer 

Laura Acevedo
Jose Arredondo
Deidre Carrillo
Cindy Castellanos
Josiah Cuellar
Rafael Gubser
Jessica Hurtado
Valerie Lambardia
Sofia Medina
James Miller
Jerry Quijano
Christie Tavera
Ryan Truss
Emily Twyford
Jared Van Epps
Elizabeth Wright 


Journalism Faculty Advisers:


  • Vacant

    (Interested in applying? Contact our Editor, Kimberly Rivera, (c) 210.701.9687)

Texas A&M-San Antonio Student Media Board

University Faculty
University Staff

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