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Men of Vision recognized as student organization
October 4, 2012

Men of Vision recognized as student organization

Correction: Men of Vision did not announce Oct. 4 that student life and wellness had granted the organization formal recognition as a member of Omega Delta Phi fraternity, Inc. as reported in the update. A Mesquite reporter confirmed Sept. 19 that Men of Vision was listed as an interest group and was not yet a recognized student organization on this campus. On Sept. 21, Men of Vision was approved by student life and wellness as an official student organization, but it was not clarified before publication. Men of Vision will not be entitled to office space as reported.

Updated 8:20 p.m. Oct. 4: Men of Vision announced to members Oct. 4 that student life and wellness granted the organization formal recognition as a member of Omega Delta Phi fraternity, Inc.

Men of Vision meets Oct. 4 in an informational meeting. The student organization was recognized Sept. 21 by the university as an official student group. Photo by Kelly Rodriguez

By Tawseef Ali

Omega Delta Phi fraternity, Inc. held an informational meeting for students 6:30 p.m. Oct 4 in Room 204 of Main Campus Building. The fraternity is not a recognized student organization on this campus, but Armando Prado, student representative and criminology junior, said he has taken the first step by creating an interest group, Men of Vision.

In september, Prado said the office of student life and wellness recognized Men of Vision as an interest group, the first step in achieving formal recognition as a student organization.

“[Men of Vision] is still in the preliminary stages of establishing itself at TAMUSA,”  Prado said.

Upon recruiting 10 students, Prado said Men of Vision established itself as an interest group on campus. It will be entitled to office space and formal recognition once the chapter is recognized by the office of student life and wellness. The group currently has recruited 13 students at this time, Prado said.

Prado said Brothers of ODPHI attended tonight’s meeting to discuss the question: “What we have to do in order to become brothers of the fraternity?”

According to the fraternity website, ODPHI was established in fall 1987 at Texas Tech University. ODPHI is a service/social fraternity dedicated to the needs and concerns of the community. The group promotes multicultural brotherhood and a diverse fraternal experience for men in higher education.

Tarik Esquerra, assistant director of employee services and the current adviser for the group said he met with Prado about three weeks ago for the first time.

He said he was interested in serving as the adviser for the group because he believes it is a good idea to bring this organization on campus and that Prado and his group are “the right people to do the job.”

Men of Vision is currently seeking a full time adviser and intends on having two advisers for additional support.

Campus Activities Board, a student division of the office of student life and wellness, is responsible for activities such as registering organizations and helping student groups with operational assistance.

A recognized student organization is defined by the University’s student handbook as “any number of students who have complied with the formal requirements for university recognition and are therefore eligible to use the university facilities and apply for student service fee organization funding.”

A non-recognized student organization, or interest group, is a student group that has not completed the formal requirements for recognition.

Other interest groups seeking recognition at A&M-San Antonio include a Chi Upsilon Sigma interest group and Sigma Delta Lambda Sorority, Inc.

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  • Armando Prado

    The Men of Vision is a fully recognized student organization at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. The Office of Student Life and Wellness formally recognized the Men of Vision as a student organization since September 21st. We are currently transitioning into the fraternal organization as we complete the founders program with Omega Delta Phi Fraternity.

    The Men of Vision submitted their new student organization application a week before classes started this fall semester in order to begin the process of being formally recognized.

    Neither Men of Vision nor any student organization on campus is entitled to their own office space if they are fully recognized. They only have the option to reserve an available classroom to hold meetings or club events.

    Armando Prado met with Tarik Esquerra to discuss the possibility of becoming the Men of Vision student organization adviser in mid-August. After explaining the many opportunities that ODPhi has to offer to the TAMU-SA community, Mr. Esquerra agreed to become the group’s adviser.

    The Men of Vision are not currently seeking a replacement adviser, however, they are seeking a fulltime professor to become the co-adviser for the student organization for additional support.

    For more information, any questions should be sent to Armando Prado via email or phone call. He can be reached at or (210) 238-7068.

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