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Game Room Power Rankings
November 8, 2018

Game Room Power Rankings

Game Room Power Rankings, Week of October 9 thru October 15

It’s what everybody with no life and knowledge of these rankings has been waiting for since I announced it last week: Game Room Power Rankings.

I’ve compiled game data volunteered by the adventurous competitors in the game room to give you a totally comprehensive and conclusive ranking of the best 10 Pool Players on Campus. A couple notes before we begin:

  1. While 22 people participated in ranked matches for pool, only three Jaguars recorded games for Table Tennis and nobody submitted results for Super Smash Bros. I want to give recognition to Chris Martinez, who won both recorded Table Tennis matches and has won the coveted title of Number One overall in the Table Tennis Rankings. Barring a surge in participation for those two games, their rankings will be put on hold until further notice.
  2. While there was lots of participation in and enthusiasm for ranked pool matches, 10 games per week seems to be a lot to handle. To make it easier, the minimum games played per week to be ranked has been lowered to five, starting this week.
  3. The number 1 ranked player will attain the coveted title of Pool Shark for the following week.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the rankings at number 10:

10. Robert Izaguirre – Robert did work this week, recording the most ranked matches of any participant with 20. Unfortunately, they didn’t all go his way. He won 6 games, third most on campus this week, while losing 14, by far the most losses, with half of them coming against the same opponent. More on him later…

9. D’Shaun Watson – D’Shaun couldn’t seem to get a lot going in six games, taking home two wins. It takes a lot of determination to participate in these ranked matches, and D’Shaun showed he has what it takes, challenging some tough opponents. More wins will come for those who compete.

8. Steven Bolish – Steven was .500 for the week, with three wins and three losses. It was an up and down affair, but getting even is no small task in this environment. “We’ll see how it evens out next week,” Bolish said.

7. Tre’Shawn Jones – Tre’Shawn also played six games, splitting wins and losses down the middle. He showed he can compete with the best, and can improve his rank next week.

6. Idris Ali – Idris eked out a winning week amassing four wins in seven games. The competition will only get tougher from here.

5. Ruben Garza – Ruben took three of five games this week. Four of those games came against opponents that also made this list. It was a good week for Ruben.

4. Rory Campbell – Rory played all five of his matches against opponents who also made this list, and won three of them. His wins should not be discounted.

3. Miles Eggleston – Miles was dominating all week. He started the week off with consecutive wins, but finished on two losses. While playing in 11 games, he won seven, good for the number three in the Power Rankings

2. Raymond McCumber – Raymond looked like the favorite to bring home the crown this week winning the first 10 matches he participated in. His fiery streak ended though when he dropped four of his last six games to finish with 12 wins, the most this week, and only four losses. But his .750 win average was not enough to propel him to the top, because of the sneaky good play of this week’s number one…

Pool Shark. Francisco Mora – Francisco had a great week in the game room. While only competing in six games, he was able to win five for a campus best .833 win average. For anybody looking for the campus pool shark, look no further than Francisco. Even McCumber, this week’s number two has Francisco in his sights. When asked what he was looking forward to in next week’s rankings McCumber said, “Easily, beating Francisco.” That’s quite a target.

Featured: Rivalry of the Week: Robert Izaguirre vs Raymond McCumber

Robert and Raymond went head-to-head eight times last week, and it had huge implications on the rankings. Raymond took the first seven games to help propel him to number two in the rankings this week, but Robert would not be kept down. In their eighth and final game, Robert finally put a win in his column against Raymond. Anybody can win any game, so good for Robert for sticking to his guns.

Upcoming: Accepting New Challengers

For those of you who participated, but were not featured: Fear not! For next week, any wins against anybody in this week’s Top Ten will be worth 1.5 wins in next week’s rankings. Beating a Top Five opponent will grant you two wins and knocking off the top spot will be worth three. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Any suggestions for future events or rankings will also be considered. You can find a complete table of the Top Ten listed below:

Rank Contestant Games played Wins Losses Win %
1 Francisco Mora 6 5 1 0.833
2 Raymond McCumber 16 12 4 0.75
3 Miles Eggleston 11 7 4 0.636
4 Rory Campbell 5 3 2 0.6
5 Ruben Garza 5 3 2 0.6
6 Idris Ali 7 4 3 0.571
7 Tre’Shawn Jones 6 3 3 0.5
8 Steven Bolish 6 3 3 0.5
9 D’Shaun Watson 6 2 4 0.333
10 Robert Izaguirre 20 6 14 0.3







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