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Introducing: Game Room Power Rankings
October 22, 2018

Introducing: Game Room Power Rankings

Introducing: Game Room Power Rankings

David Rios, freshmen criminal justice major plays a game of pool in the Game Room. Photo by Deidre Carrillo.

Have you ever wondered if you’re the best table tennis player on campus? Or wondered how much better you are than your friends at Super Smash Bros for the Wii U? Are you the campus pool shark?

As a student at Texas A&M University-San Antonio, I often find myself in the game room between classes. There’s lots to do and a community of fun and competitive Jaguars looking to make new friends. One of my favorite aspects of the game room is the competitive nature with which students approach their favorite games.

When watching these matches, it’s become a topic of interest for me to know who is the best at shooting pool. Until now, I’ve measured the skills of the other players by honing them against my own. But now, as a contributor for the Mesquite, I find myself in a unique position to find out, definitively, who is the best.

Introducing A&M-San Antonio Game Room Power Rankings: Below is a breakdown of the rules and how you can participate.

1. Only one-on-one matchups will be considered for these power rankings. Obviously, it’s much more difficult to judge skill when you’re being supported by a teammate. These are individual rankings based on individual performance.

2. Both contestants must agree to a ranked match up before starting. This is to prevent an individual from only counting their wins.

3. In order to be eligible, an individual must play a minimum of 10 ranked matches per week in the respective game and record wins and losses. Since rankings will be based on overall win percentage, 10 wins is a good number to allow the law of averages to take effect.

4. In order to be eligible, an individual must record games against at least three other opponents. This is to prevent somebody from playing and beating the same person ten times. In the spirit of competition, I encourage you to play as many games against as many opponents as possible.

5. Only games in the game room will count. This is an Texas A&M-San Antonio ranking, so only games played here will count.

6. Since there are various rules, formats and game types to consider for all three ranked games, opponents should declare rules prior to beginning the game.

7. Record all of your wins and losses in the green Power Rankings Notebook that can be located in the Game Room next to the entrance. The top ten win percentages for each game will be posted each week on Tuesday.

8. Have fun! Other than school-wide recognition, there is nothing on the line here. Competition is a great way to foster friendships and make ourselves better, but there is no point in.

Expect some changes to these rules on a weekly basis. I may need to adjust to account for unknown factors, incorporate suggestions and feedback or even introduce some diabolical new twist. Check back in every week to see where you stack up!

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