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Local barber succeeds in his career choice
May 10, 2018

Local barber succeeds in his career choice

Local barber succeeds in his career choice

Derrick "Detail" Johnson, owner of South Crown Full Service Barber & Beauty Salon edges up a frequent client's beard in the late evening after closing. Photo Yvette Rodriguez

Upon entry, visitors can hear hair clippers, laughter and music. Barbers are in deep concentration to provide the most precise haircut. The rustic interior with the blend of an upscale bar creates a comfortable environment for visitors.

South Crown Full Service Barber & Beauty Salon located in the South Flores Arts District at 1010 South Flores suite 118, San Antonio Texas 78204, is owned by Derrick “Detail” Johnson.

On May 1 South Crown celebrated its two-year anniversary. Prior to opening the San Antonio barbershop in 2016, Johnson always had dreamt of owning his own barber shop.  With his father being in the military, Johnson says he continuously traveled and ended up in San Antonio. The Louisiana native and businessman started cutting hair at the age of seven.

“While guys were working on their jump shots or their fast breaks, I was playing with clippers,” Johnson said in “The Down Market Magazine”.

Growing up he made plenty of mistakes while giving haircuts. Now he is surrounded by a supportive staff along with loyal and new clientele. Even with mastery of his craft, Johnson  said yes, at times he still makes mistakes, but “it’s not about the mistakes as much, it’s how you recover.”

There was a time when Johnson felt like he would not recover from an emotional battle he faced years ago. He has since remarried, but Johnson’s first marriage took a toll on him and although he did not go into detail of this dark time in his life, he opened up enough to serve as an example to not give upon oneself.

“My divorce from my ex sent me to a sad place, and it kind of spiraled out of control,” Johnson said. “Long story short, I survived that whole fiasco in my life. There was nothing else to do but go up. That was a major catastrophe in my life, but I’m so much stronger from it now.”

Johnson’s routine entails preparation in the early hours of the day to get his children to school, before he heads to the shop and sets up for a new day.Videos on YouTube also give insight to Johnson’s biography and the culture of South Crown.  The barbershop was also featured in “The Down Market Magazine”, on the Culture and Creative Series: season 2 episode: 3.

Johnson is proud of his personal accomplishments. Between running South Crown and being a master barber with a wife, Melinda, and four children: only daughter Amani and three sons Anon, Derrick Jr. and Tyler, Johnson still finds time to add more tasks to his busy schedule.

Johnson recently started a podcast titled, “Detail Did it”, which goes into detail on various barber topics like barber hacks and barber culture. He stressed the important role diversity plays in his shop.

“With our cultural differences in our background, it makes us gel really well because all of us are bringing something different to the table,” Johnson said.

Having a good relationship with clients is just as important as maintaining a good relationship with co-workers. Johnson stressed the value of teamwork and said, “it’s important to have a team around you that can also chime in and give you help when you need it.”

One team member, Elizabeth Shaw, has had her chair at South Crown for almost a year. Shaw is from El Paso, Texas and has been cutting hair for over three years. She had positive input on how Johnson runs South Crown and how it’s been working there so far.

“It’s a really cool shop. I love the environment and the vibes,” Shaw said. “I enjoy the time just being here, the conversation, the music, everything, it’s a good shop. I love working here.”

Johnson said it is not easy to run a business, “taking a craft or a gift and turning it into a business is very hard, you definitely have to have someone who is educated in the area of business.”

Despite not having much prior knowledge on the business side of things, Johnson puts all efforts into his craft. His life experiences pushed him to become a hard worker, and he strives to ensure his clients leave happy.

“When you look good you feel good and that’s the gist of South Crown, and that’s what separates us from everybody else,” Johnson said.

Sean Whitehead, from Laredo, Texas, recently moved to San Antonio for work. Whitehead has been a client at South Crown for the eight months since adjusting to being in the city.

Whitehead said South Crown is a “great place. I love it. It’s not overly commercialized. I like the originality of it. Everybody is super friendly, really cool… an overall great environment.”

People can be particular about the person who styles and cuts their hair and be picky about the specific style they are looking for. According to MySanAntonio, hip-hop rap artist, French Montana, trusted Johnson to style his hair prior to a show at the AT&T center.

Even Montana’s celebrity status did not allow him to bypass scheduling an appointment with Johnson; his schedule was full.

“I said I’m booked, I have clients and they’re my celebrities,'” Johnson told MySA.

MySA said Johnson agreed to cut Montana’s hair after his clients willingly agreed to let the celebrity take their scheduled spot.

For Johnson, coming into the barbershop is more than just a cut. The barbershop has a unique environment that allows for relaxation and creativity.

“Good Music, cold beer and good conversation and possibly a word of wisdom might change a life or at least put a smile on your face,” Johnson said. “I’m a South Crown man. Every king and queen needs a crown.”

Overall, Johnson remains busy and continues to excel in his field. South Crown has grown to become not just a barber shop but a full-service salon, which is something Johnson takes pride in doing as a leader of a location that combines full service for both men and women.

All in all, “I try to lead with my heart”, Johnson said.

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