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SGA inducts two new members at first meeting
September 15, 2016

SGA inducts two new members at first meeting

SGA inducts two new members at first meeting

SGA President Erick De Luna inducts Mary Walker, Outreach Liaison and William Manning, Student Justice into SGA, Sep. 14.

Overview of SGA Meeting #1

First things first. Get to know everyone. That was the goal of the inaugural Student Government Association (SGA) meeting of Fall 2016.

Erick De Luna, president of SGA said he wants everyone on campus to feel like they could express themselves and that everyone has a voice.

The Student Government Association (SGA) acts as a voice for the student body, and articulates those concerns to university administration. At this first meeting, members focused primarily on introducing new members, and getting everyone acquainted with the senators.

There was a notably increase of students present at the meeting. Freshman students showed interest in the meeting, much to the pleasure of SGA members.

“It’s a good sight to see this many seats filled,” SGA Vice-President Brian Harrin said. “It’s very encouraging. It’s Been an honor to serve in SGA and see where you guys take it from here.”

With so much growth on campus, SGA increased their enrollment.

“Our organization is growing, and there we need more representation for our students,” De Luna said. “There is a need for senators in all grades.”

SGA has seven open senatorial positions, including two in the College of Arts and Sciences, two in the College of Business and three in the College of Education. Senators can be any grade level.

There is also 12 senate positions for their respective department and for general student populace.

Interested applicants can apply at the meetings or on Jagsync or visit with De Luna. A minimum 2.5 GPA is required for any position.

During the meeting, SGA inducted two new members. Mary Walker, Psychology Major student outreach liaison and William Manning, Psychology Major, as Student Justice.

“I’m excited at the opportunity to be part of an organization that helping to establish where the college is going,” Manning said. He said he’s never been in a student leadership position prior, but wants to make sure he could be a part of the school as much as he could.

Members pressed the matter of young Bexar County voters. During the first three weeks of school, SGA was participating in various events across campus, encouraging students to register to vote. They’ve registered over 70 new voters.

“It is a voting year. i would say one of the biggest,” De Luna said. “Its very important to get everyone out to vote.”

Plans are underway to begin debate watching parties on campus, according to SGA.

By the third or fourth meeting, De Luna plans on inviting District 4 Councilman Rey Saldana and  District 3 Councilwoman to the campus.

“I want to show them the good things were doing here, especially being from the Southside, and one of the bigger schools,” De Luna said. “We definitely want to show them the pride we have here.”

The next big push Of SGA is finding a way to honor students, past and present, that are no longer with the campus. They are working on a memorial for deceased students. They’ve already discussed with President Teniente-Matson, who gave the okay. SGA are working on the fine details.

SGA meetings are held bi-weekly. Next meeting will be held September 27 at the same location.

The association will discuss changes at their bi-weekly meetings, held Tuesdays at 5 p.m. at The Madla Building, Room 206. They encourage students to voice their concerns at meetings.

Next meeting is September 27th.

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