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Slideshow: Planned Parenthood Rally
February 17, 2017

Slideshow: Planned Parenthood Rally

Slideshow: Planned Parenthood Rally

Many women wore the pink knitted "pussycat hats" that were seen during the women's rights protest against president Donald Trump on Jan. 21, 2017.

Women across the Alamo City gathered around to rally in support of Planned Parenthood, Sat, Feb. 11 2017. It was a counter rally to protest against defunding Planned Parenthood.

Rallies were held at Planned Parenthood locations throughout the United States to call out Congress and President Trump to strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funding and reallocate those funds to health centers that help disadvantaged women without destroying human life through abortion.

  • "It's really great to see everyone supporting Planned Parenthood and the mission I care about, you have to show up and support," said Jessica Myer. "Planned Parenthood is a valuable resource where folks have been able to find care and information they need, it's upsetting to see that folks don't see the value in it," said Andrea Myer.
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