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Students launch dance team
December 13, 2016

Students launch dance team

Students launch dance team

Photo courtesy of Texas A&M University-College Station. A&M-San Antonio students are in the beginning stages of launching a dance team on their own campus.

A student hopes to start a tradition that will bring a new level of spirit to the university.

Criminology major and dance team president, Jeanette Muzquiz, is starting a dance team for all students to join.

Just before finals, Muzquiz, gave out sweet treats in the Central Academic Building room 219 to dance team members. Rain and upcoming final exams may have dampened turnout but Muzquiz said she was determined to continue recruiting.

She danced for Eagle Pass High School as a member of the Diamond Dance Team. Starting new teams, clubs and organizations, she said, is an exciting part of being a young university.

“I gave them my idea of a dance team back in the Spring of 2015,” Muzquiz says.

At Texas A&M-San Antonio students can participate in men’s basketball, men’s rugby, women’s soccer and volleyball, but there is no spirit team of any kind to support these teams.

With the rising number of new students and the magnitude of pride students have for their university, a dance team is the missing element.

“Starting next semester, the men’s basketball team will be having games,” Muzquiz says. “So I want to have a team ready to go and perform during the halftimes.”          

Muzquiz said the office of student activities was hesitant at first, because having a dance team may require try-outs and could discriminate against those who will not make the team, but Muzquiz said she solved that problem by inviting everyone with the dedication and interest to be a part of the dance team.

Elizabeth Bell, a freshman education major, graduated from Tom C. Clark High School and was a member of the Varsity Top Cat Dance Team from 2014-2016 and Lieutenant Colonel over the Clark Pep Squad. Bell, the dance team’s vice president hopeful says, “This would be the perfect opportunity to be a founding member of the TAMU-SA Dance Team.”  

The dance team is “a team and organization that is open to all and tryouts will be conducted in the upcoming year 2017,” according to the dance team profile on JagSync.  

Student activities coordinator, Cristina Dominguez, says the dance team is still in the interest group phase and is working with Jeanette to further the process of becoming an official organization.

“They can still hand out fliers but they cannot host their own events,” Dominguez said, “The dance team is a grey area because there is no official athletic team for the university.”

Now that the university is accepting first and second-year students, some might want to transcend dancing beyond high school and some might even want to give it a try for their first time.

“A dance team offers another opportunity for students to get involved – to find their “niche,”’ says Holly Reedy, Aggie Dance Team head coach from Texas A&M University-College Station. “I believe that it builds a student’s confidence, both on and off the stage.”

Muzquiz is hoping to start a tradition that will last a lifetime. “I want this team to be big, I’m really thinking out of the box,” Muzquiz said.  

Once a team is established, she plans on practicing two to three hours, three times a week, and maybe even more if they are getting ready for a big event.  Lyrical, jazz, cheer and hip-hop are the elements of dance that the team will focus on.

As of now, the dance team can use the Vista Room on the fourth floor of the Central Academic Building to practice.  The only concern would be the lack of mirrors, but Muzquiz is certain it will work out for the time being.

“It is their job to exude excitement and promote enthusiasm behind whichever event they are supporting,” Reedy said. 

“Everybody is welcome,” Muzquiz said. 

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