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Tradition continues with 2018 ring ceremony
November 20, 2018

Tradition continues with 2018 ring ceremony

Tradition continues with 2018 ring ceremony

The fall 2018 ring ceremony took place on Nov. 3 at Texas A&M University- San Antonio. Photo by Deidre Carrillo.

Texas A&M University-San Antonio bestowed rings to 190 upcoming graduates Saturday, Nov. 3 in the auditorium.

The ceremony was hosted by Richard Ortega, vice president for university advancement, and Cynthia Teniente-Matson, president of A&M-SA. Each of them showed their support for the future graduates and explained the true meaning behind the ring and its importance in Jaguar tradition.

“It was actually other students years ago who brought the idea of a ring ceremony at A&M San Antonio to life,” Matson said.

Traditions tie our culture together. They are a legacy shared and passed down with every participant, she said.

“Today is a special day also. It’s the marriage of two traditions and that is the opening of the university seal,” Matson said.

Students walked across the stage single-file as Ortega called their names. Students accepted their rings slowly with a smiles on their faces as Matson congratulated each of them. Understanding their role and importance of this ring was not just a gift, but also a sign of the dedication put into their academic careers at A&M-SA.

Brian Harrin, the guest speaker and a 2016 graduate, described his experience here and how it has helped guide him on his journey. Harrin spoke on receiving his ring three years earlier in 2015. He wore his ring on the same stage he received it.

“My class ring is a symbol of pride and that I was fortunate enough to serve in the Student Government Association here for nearly two years, meet lifelong friends and have professors be a major contribution for future success,” said Harrin, a licensed insurance broker in his family business, The Harrin Group.

Matson asked the future graduates to remove the rings from their A&M-SA ring box. Each students did so eagerly while being warned by Matson not to place the ring on their finger yet, as traditions calls for that to happen on the university seal.

“It’s a symbol of my experiences here and always taking those with me and the lessons I learned for the rest of my life,” Harrin said.

With the finish line in the near distant future and the remainder of their struggles and goals in their hands, the future graduates all stood and made their way toward the exit to the university seal, located at the center of the university. The audience of 1,500 friends and family members patiently waited in line for a photo on the iconic seal to forever mark the start of their loved one’s future success.

“We are Texans symbolized with the Texas flag and star. We are survivors, like the hardy Mesquite and cactus,” said Matson   


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