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Viewpoint: Author Andy Andrews motivates others by sharing personal trials
October 9, 2018

Viewpoint: Author Andy Andrews motivates others by sharing personal trials

Viewpoint: Author Andy Andrews motivates others by sharing personal trials

Author Andy Andrews shares his inspiration behind his book "The Butterfly Effect" to Texas A&M University-San Antonio students and the community. Photo by Ruben Betancourt

With his book “The Butterfly Effect,” author Andy Andrews helps individuals realize how significant their lives are and how their contributions make a difference.

In the Patriots’ Casa on the Texas A&M University-San Antonio campus the Student Affairs Department invited Andy Andrews to speak to the Texas A&M-San Antonio community about his inspiration behind “The Butterfly Effect.”

Andrews is now a New York Times best selling author who has written more than 26 books and some have even been translated in more than 30 languages. According to his website “he’s an in-demand speaker, consultant and coach.”

It’s evident that he truly has a passion in helping others reach their full potential. I believe that his visit on the Texas A&M-San Antonio campus has helped students view their current challenges in a different perspective.

“The Butterfly Effect” is a small 109-page book with a variety of attractive images. On the front cover there is a picture of a holographic butterfly which catches the eye. Also, on every page the typography is inconsistent which keeps the reader engaged and in suspense of how the next page is designed.

What I found interesting was that he realized at a young age that he wasn’t strong writer. Also, at the age of 19 he lost both of his parents in the same year. His mother died from cancer and his father died in a car accident.

Even though Andrews went through these tragic losses, I was motivated to know how he had the will to overcome these challenges and become the successful writer he is today.

As he spoke about his past I couldn’t help notice how he looked at every student with sincerity and when he mentioned his parents’ death. As the 59-year-old writer sat down, he sighed as he recollected about this tragic year.

Between the ages of 21 through 23 Andrews dropped out of college and began to live under a pier on the beach.

Under that pier as he “tended to make his life even more complicated,” he met an older gentleman who he called Mr. Jones, another homeless individual. Jones encouraged Andrews to read and to learn as much as possible.

Andrews took this advice and began reading numerous historical figure biographies and he soon realized a common trend. He noticed that these figures were not born with success. Better yet, he had proof that every individual has to create their very own success.

“You can’t always believe everything you think, because “proof lasts forever.”

“I’m not a motivational speaker,” he said. “I’m a professional noticer.” At that moment I realized that with his personal life experiences he has had the opportunity to overcome many challenges and assists others by sharing his methods.

He strives to teach others that all the issues and adversities we may confront depend on one’s perspective. Also, an important part of everyone is the need to continue gaining “knowledge and understanding of whatever it may be.”

“There’s a whole world full of more understanding…never stop where you are.”

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