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Viewpoint: SGA president supports concealed carry on campus
March 5, 2015

Viewpoint: SGA president supports concealed carry on campus

Viewpoint:  SGA president supports concealed carry on campus


By Andres Holliday

As a student body, we must involve ourselves in the concealed carry on campus conversation. Most importantly, one must have a strong understanding of the history and current information regarding such a topic, so I encourage all of you to research what I am testifying to you as it is all available online.

As many may know, in 1995, the Texas Legislature passed a bill allowing concealed carry in Texas for the first time since the reconstruction era. When they passed the law it did not allowed anyone to carry in specific areas such as public parks, churches, hospitals, and universities. As time has passed, more violent crimes took place like the 1999 Fort Worth church massacre were a man mass murdered seven people before killing himself.

Many began to ask why the people couldn’t protect themselves and since then, the majority of those specific areas now allow concealed carry (universities not being one of them). Currently, more than 70 universities in the United States allow Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL) holders to carry on campus and the majority of those universities have been doing this for more than eight years.

All 70 of the universities reported zero incidents including zero violent assaults, zero suicides, zero accidental shootings, zero gun theft, etc. when involving CHL holders on their campus. Every peer-reviewed study published in the state of Texas demonstrates no statistical connection linking concealed carry and rising weapon-related crime rates in any way.

Concealed carry on campus will not help criminals, but will permit those people who haven’t violently shot anyone and who already can carry their weapon in the theaters, in the hospital or in the public parks to also be able to carry in a university.

Concealed carry hasn’t caused an issue on other campuses, it hasn’t caused an issue in other states, and there is no logical reason why we would assume concealed carry will cause an issue on our college campuses. And for those reasons and many more, I am in support of concealed carry on campus.

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  • Josh

    In the state of Texas, CHL holders make up just over 2% of the population but are only responsible for .1897% of all criminal convictions. When we are talking about campus carry, we are not talking about freely allowing just anyone to carry a gun on campus. We are talking about allowing a select group of individuals who statistically speaking, are among the most law abiding in Texas, to exercise the same right they exercise virtually everyplace else, on campus.

    I know opponents to campus carry will talk about what happens when an armed student threatens a professor (or worse) when they get a bad grade. If that is what we are worried about, we have much bigger problems. If the people who would be allowed to carry on campus as a result of Campus Carry don’t display that type of behavior outside the classroom, why do we think they would inside the classroom? And if that is the case, then what is it about the college climate that produces criminals?

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