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A&M-San Antonio challenges students to attend events, win prizes
September 19, 2019

A&M-San Antonio challenges students to attend events, win prizes

Students still have time to win prizes in the First 50 Days Challenge, a competition that invites them to attend 12 of nearly 80 campus events this semester.

The challenge features different themes: week of welcome, civic engagement, financial literacy, leadership, health/wellness, diversity and equality.

Students can win a limited-edition Texas A&M University-San Antonio shirt and various prizes by attending three events per theme in four of the seven themes. 

Students can scan their ID card at the event to keep track of attendance, and view all the events on JagSync’s homepage under the “Paths” heading. 

Upcoming events include:

  • National Voter Registration Day, all day, Sept. 24, booths across campus, theme 3: civic engagement. The national holiday celebrates democracy in the United States. 
  • Women @ Work, 3-4 p.m., Sept. 26, Ceremony Room on the 4th floor of the Central Academic Building, theme 4: diversity and equality. Hear influential leaders discuss political advocacy and the impact of voting each person makes.
  • Healthy Relationships Group, 3:30-4:45 p.m., Sept. 26, Student Affairs Modular 101, Room 101A, theme 5: health and wellness. Student Counseling and Wellness Services is hosting a 4-week group series to support a healthy relationship. 

Cristina Dominguez, assistant director of student involvement at A&M-San Antonio, said Campus Life and Immersions is hosting events, which include lectures, workshops and a first-time silent disco. Faculty and staff can participate in the events, but they cannot enter the competition.

“We wanted to produce an atmosphere that the students can come after class, get engaged and mingle with each other, to really get that college life atmosphere,” she said. 

The challenge began Aug. 22 and continues through Nov. 12, with 45 events remaining on the schedule. 

Students danced outdoors to silent disco in front of the Central Academic Building Aug. 26, as part of the First 50 Days Challenge.

Psychology freshman Mia Williams said she heard the DJs play Hannah Montana, rap, pop and cumbia. She said she’s never heard of silent disco and never thought it was something she would have participated in.

“It’s really cool to see everyone getting together and stepping out of our comfort zone to be able to dance,” she said.  

She said she likes the First 50 Days Challenge events so far during the week of welcome. 

“You get to see not only freshmen but seniors and everyone from across campus, like faculty we’re all here to have fun and get to know each other,” she said. 

Stuart Sharpe, production lead at HUSHconcerts in Austin, said silent disco is an event where people dance to multiple channels playing on wireless headphones.

He said the person wearing the headphones can change what they’re listening to and choose music that most appeals to them by the different colors on the headphones . 

“You’ll hear people singing along, but to an outsider they have no clue what actually is going on unless they’re singing aloud. It’s pretty hilarious,” he said. 

Dominguez said she would love to hear the responses from students and get feedback on events students would like to see more of on campus. 

“A lot of the events that we do are for the students, we want to make sure that we continue to do events that appeal to them,” she said.

She said students can pitch ideas for events on the university’s website and that the university will always explore the options students suggest.

“We are the office of student involvement, so our goal is to make sure our students are involved, that they have a good time and stay here enrolled in A&M-San Antonio to graduate,” she said.  



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