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International Affairs launches DREAMERs resource webpage
May 10, 2018

International Affairs launches DREAMERs resource webpage

International Affairs launches DREAMERs resource webpage

On March 8 The Office of International Affairs hosts a training for undocumented and DACAmented students including issues related to undocumented and DACAmented status, experiences on college campuses, admissions and financial aid. Photo by Ruben Betancourt

The Office of International Affairs launched the DREAMERs Resource Hub in March on the program’s web page, providing students with organizational resources, online resources and government resources.

Universities in San Antonio are updating their resource pages and expanding office services to respond to the needs of DREAMER students.

The DREAMERS Resource Hub works with RACIES, a nonprofit that provides free and low-cost legal services to children, families and refugees in Central and South Texas to host DACA workshops to students.

On the resource hub student can also find financial information for scholarships like TheDream.US, which provides financial support to students attending a partnered college like Texas A&M University San Antonio.

The Office of International Affairs at Texas A&M-San Antonio also offers “Ask-A-Lawyer” legal clinics.

Caritas Legal Services provide pro bono legal clinics for Texas A&M-San Antonio students who are needing legal guidance or information regarding their immigration status.

The information shared in the legal clinic is confidential and is only shared between the student and the licensed lawyer.

“To protect their confidentiality and their names, we decided the students make all their appointments strictly through the attorneys,“ said Sylvia Medel, director of Office of International Affairs.

Medel said it is difficult to determine how many students are using the services provided by OIA because the office opted out of keeping any documentation of the students who visit to ensure their safety and privacy.

In January, the University of Texas at San Antonio opened a Dreamers Center in their Student Center dedicated to providing students with services ranging from legal, financial and emotional assistance.

The Dreamers Center has designating faculty and staff in departments and offices across campus to assist DREAMERS in any way possible.

Unlike UTSA, the Office of International Affairs at Texas A&M-San Antonio does not see themselves creating a resource center yet, but confirmed will continue to assist students any way possible.

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