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SGA Election Coverage: VP candidate background not confirmed
April 16, 2013

SGA Election Coverage: VP candidate background not confirmed

By Jason B. Hogan and Jacob Beltran

Updated May 2, 6:00 p.m.

Editor’s note:  Since the original story was posted, several readers have called and emailed the newsroom asking about the Student Government Association election results. Schnoor and his running mate, Andres Holliday, lost the SGA election. Following this article, student reporters confirmed that Schnoor is a dual enrolled student at San Antonio College and Texas A&M University-San Antonio. After complaining about false allegations implied by the article below,  Schnoor has accepted phone calls from Mesquite reporters and was invited to the newsroom. A formal in-depth interview has not taken place as of May 2. Read his response to SGA elections.

Original Story:

A student who shares the same name as an individual who was removed from San Antonio College’s student activity fee committee in January has announced his candidacy to run for vice president of this university’s Student Government Association.

The Ranger, San Antonio College’s newspaper, reported in February that Jeff Schnoor lied about his military background and failed to mention nine arrests for theft and assault.

A front page story in The Ranger’s November 2012 edition reported Schnoor, who was serving as a member of the Student Activity Fee Committee, denied arrest records claiming mistaken identity.

Mark Bigelow, San Antonio College student life coordinator, said that Schnoor hasn’t been seen on the campus since February.

A Jeffery A. Schnoor is listed as a Bachelor’s of Applied Arts & Science (BAAS) major in A&M-San Antonio’s university directory but it has not been confirmed whether he is the same individual who attended San Antonio College.

Attempts to reach Schnoor were unsuccessful.

Candidates were required to submit institutional background checks on Friday. SGA adviser Jolene Des Roches said earlier today results have not been returned to her office. The background checks will show the student’s GPA and any breach in student conduct.

“Typically if something comes up we’ll pull them out of the running,” DesRoches said.

Jennifer Faubion, SGA secretary and elections commissioner, said Monday she had no knowledge of Schnoor’s background.

SGA’s constitution indicates that anyone not meeting the qualifications for an office may not run or apply for that position. Students must be registered and in good standing as defined by the university.

A reporter requested Schnoor’s application file but Des Roches said Tuesday the election committee has yet to turn over candidate applications. She said she has not reviewed the application file.

SGA announced on Friday the candidacy of two presidential and vice-presidential candidates Friday night at Main Campus for the fall term.

Current president Melissa Quintanilla and vice president Priscilla Lopez are running on a ticket. Opposed are Andres Holliday for president and Jeff Schnoor for vice president.

Digital voting takes place through Thursday via Community, the university link for student organizations.

Faubion said an election table is available 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Wednesday at Main Campus on the second floor, and 4-10 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday at Brooks City Base Campus.

A candidate debate is scheduled for 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Presidential Rose Garden at Main Campus Building.

Faubion said candidates will answer questions she pre-selected and will also take questions from the audience.

SGA’s constitution defines the association as the official advisory body of the students to the university administration, faculty, and staff and serves as “a voice to the Board of Regents, and the Texas Legislature in all matters affecting the student body.”

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  • OpinionatedAlumni

    Sounds like his political career is going to be bright! At this level and he’s already avoiding clarifying things openly and to just try to hide until things blow over.
    I know it’s not a popular sentiment, but frankly, silence is an admission of guilt to me. A man who is innocent will never cease to declare openly and passionately his truth, his innocence. “Unable to reach him for a comment” with the election going on as we speak? Yeah, that speaks volumes, and before someone comes rushing in crying about his right to privacy, there is an expectation of a loss of a level of privacy when you take a position as a representative of others. This person as VP would be the FACE of the student body of our growing university.. his transgressions will become ours. We have a right to know what kind of person will be sitting there working for us, the students. So he’s welcome to “not share” his side of the story, but I sure as heck won’t be voting for Schnoor, and no one else should either.

  • Jennifer Faubion

    I am saddened reading this article, because there was very little investigation done in confirming these defaming comments about the candidate. Also this man served our country and was not given the respect as a person for real investigative work. It is a shame! The reporters involved should be punished, especially since these allegations are false. If the reports bothered to read the article link to this article, it states that it was never confirmed that is was the same person. This has a stench of foul play! I would say that I have heard that there is a civil case against the other reporter for false allegations. I do not like when people are bullied and people use their power to continue to spread false information. This impacts a fellow student and a veteran who has served our country.
    Second, I question the truthfulness of how the reporters were involved and how they tried to contact him. I never gave the reporters his number, email, address to his house, class schedule or a copy of his application. Since that information is confidential. I did provide them the dates in which they may come and meet the candidates to ask them questions. As I stated to them, I would not release a copy of their application as the reporters requested, due to confidentiality. To top it off, the reports talked to me at 10pm on 04/16/13 and the very next day, 04/17/13, they ran this article. I will be filing a complaint on Thursday 04/18/13 about their conduct in this matter and hope Texas A&M University-San Antonio takes this matter seriously, to prevent misguided articles in the future.
    Third of all, I never said I lacked had no knowledge about the candidates’ background. I did state that I did not know about the specific questions they were asking about and that is entirely different. This leads me to question their motives about this situation all together. As I stated to them, we look for three things when a student runs for office; one if the student has the GPA of 2.5, is if he in good standing and if he has not breached of student conduct.
    I hope to see better investigative reporting in the future. Our campus deserves to have fair and unbiased reporting since they are a part of Texas A&M University-San Antonio voice. As Election Commissioner I am proud to say this has been one of the most successful voting turn outs and other Mesquite Reporters have came out to witness the students pride in the election process and wish this was reported, instead of this defaming article.
    Finally I would like to add, I gave two reports, one to Jason Hogan, one of the writers of this article copies of the flyers and other information about SGA’s elections so they could inform students SGA’s was accepting applications for office and to inform student about voting times. I provided both a printed version and an emailed the PDF version as requested. I feel they have failed the students of Texas A&M University-San Antonio by not letting students know through our own school news paper about such important matters that affect all students that attend our school.

  • Salvador Zuniga

    A Freedom of Information Act request revealed a very different military background than what Mr. Schnoor claimed to Active Duty Military personnel and Veterans organizations. An internal military records search also proved his claims incorrect.

    The University should definitely investigate the matter fully.

  • Steve Hernandez

    A Freedom of Information Act request revealed a very different military background than what Mr. Schnoor claimed to Active Duty Military personnel and Veterans organizations. An internal military records search also proved his claims incorrect.

    I’m very interested in your words of INTERNAL Military records search. As I know your no longer as Fort Benning. Are you saying you used the DOD database to access another military personnel members records. And the military was okay with this, and as you have claimed others helped you. And because I work in Personnel for the DOD Mr. Zuniga I’m interested how you did this? Because I’ve been lead to a few places where you state you have done this on websites.

    Can you explain to me how you did this and knowing its against the law to access a military database and to share public records outside command why you would do this? I feel CID need to look into this matter and your violations. Because I see you posting alot of heresay and you have done this and that, but do you have official documentation you have printed and verified? And your very correct the freedom of information act does give alot of information but having also worked in HR for the DOD for many years Know as you do also know there are many things not in the DD214 and are in a Service members Training and other data sheets and not privileged to Freedom of Information ACT. So I believe your accusing a personal of liying and committing acts, and yet you are doing the same. Kinda like the kettle calling the kettle black.

    The University should definitely investigate the matter fully.

    Yes they should on both sides

  • david

    the DD214 was provided by the DOD to a third party ( through a FOI request, this along with his public records search via the TXDPS and prision records that can be requested by anyone prove that he is not what he is presenting himself as. all records can be requested by anyone via a public freedom of information request. a basic google search will find way more than you can believe. yes this should be looked into by local LE and the state AG.

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